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Writing: From a breezy blurb on Instagram to text for your next coffee-table book, I’ll make your communications pitch-perfect in tone and topic for maximum impact.


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Thomas Little, New York City’s Plant Whisperer, on the Art of the Container Garden

The man behind the magical plantings at some of Manhattan’s hottest hotels and restaurants shares tips for putting together a compelling outdoor space  read more

Why Are We Still So Obsessed With Wood Shingles?

Explore the enduring legacy of this 17th-century cladding material and its benefits, and see how architects are using wood shingles in fresh ways  read more

What Does It Mean to Plagiarize in the Design World?

Three designers consider where the ethical borders lie for them  read more


What Lies Behind Justina Blakeney’s Success?

A faith in the power of storytelling is at the heart of the multihyphenate’s career, and her new book  read more

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   » Book reviews    

During my years at New England Home, I had occasion to provide capsule reviews for an assortment of books on architecture, interiors, and landscape design, with an eye toward titles that might interest our region’s readers. See a selection here.

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Getting Style Nailed Down

We all know that design fashions ebb and flow over the years. Generally the incoming tides get a lot of attention—just think of the number of stories you’ve seen recently  . . . read more

What Are You Walking On?

There is architecture. There is nature. And then there’s that in-between zone, where the two come together. Perhaps because I’ve always preferred nature in not-entirely . . . read more 

Porcelain Potential

Not long ago I attended the opening reception for a new show at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts, New Blue and White. If that title has you envisioning endless vitrines . . . read more 

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   » Editor’s letters from New England Home    

The Case for Design Diversity

Australian poet, TV broadcaster, and critic (among other things) Clive James, in the introduction to his 2007 collection of biographical essays, Cultural Amnesia, . . . read more

Summer’s Dusky Delights

The first time I saw Ingmar Bergman’s Smiles of a Summer Night, I thought it was mostly fantasy. I was an undergraduate, it was a stifling July night in Cambridge, and . . . read more

Surrounded by Decisions

Have you ever really looked at the legs on a sofa? Take a peek, if you’re anywhere near one at the moment, and notice them. They can be amazingly diverse. On a simple . . . read more 

I Collect, Therefore I Am

One of my Christmas presents this past year was a charming book called Eccentric Homes, by writer Thijs Demeulemeester and photographer Diane Hendrikx. As you . . . read more


Trash Talk

The somewhat chilly bluish glow from a wall of frosted glass glinted off the chrome and pristine white laminate of the subterranean conference room, sharply . . . read more 

The Importance of Small Differences

I don’t know why working on this issue in particular brought it to mind, but I’ve been musing a lot about variety. Not the blatant sort of variety that is most often hyped in . . . read more 

Firmitas, Utilitas, Venustas Plus

Not long ago I took a few days off to explore the city of Toronto, which I had never visited before. I spent some time planning the trip, as I usually do, and particularly . . . read more 

Trends and Timelessness

It’s one of those funny things I’ve noticed about the creative world: designers and architects invariably aver, when asked, that their work is intended to be timeless, not . . . read more 

The Past in Present Tense

One of the continual delights of New England is the strength and vitality of our architectural traditions. Whether they arrived with our early English settlers, grew out of . . . read more 

Loving the Old Isn’t New

Over the years I’ve had many discussions with American dealers and interiors folk who are worried that the antiques trade is dying. “All my clients are getting older, and . . . read more 

Make Time for Quality Time

Exactly a month ago, as I write this, I was sitting down to a Michelin-starred meal at a small restaurant tucked into a tiny vineyard on an out-of-the-way island in the . . . read more 

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   » Editor’s letters from New England Home Connecticut    

The Stinky Cheese Effect

Over the years, as I’ve matured, my tastes have changed in interesting ways. During high school and college I stood frankly on the ascetic and even puritanical end . . . read more

No Sacrifices for Style

We don’t typically begin work on issues of New England Home with a particular theme in mind. But I find it interesting how often something like a theme, or at least . . . read more

Modern Styles, Old and New

It may seem a little odd, at the start of a magazine issue that happens to show a lot of fairly traditional-looking New England houses, to write about contemporary . . . read more 

An Exercise in Imagination

Not long ago, Pico Iyer, writing about Japanese literature (and art, and culture and, indeed, life) in The New York Review of Books, noted that “It’s what’s not expressed that . . . read more 

Noticing the Simple Things

I have a tendency—I know it about myself, and my friends also enjoy reminding me occasionally, for good measure—to overintellectualize. Faced with . . . read more 

The Designer As Hunter-Gatherer

A recent trip to the 2017 Design Bloggers Conference in Los Angeles—where I saw several familiar faces from Fairfield County and environs—got me thinking about . . . read more 

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   » Editor’s letters from New England Home Cape & Islands    

Changeless, Yet Ever Changing

One of the most universally beloved features of the region comprising Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket is its characteristic feel. Perhaps the archetypal . . . read more

Ingredients for that Special Life

The calendar has circled ’round, and once more summer has dawned over the marshes, on the beaches and kettle ponds, in narrow lanes lined with white palings and . . . read more 

True Homes Away from Home

There was once a time when Cape Cod and the islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket—though they had always been a permanent home to someone, be it the . . . read more 

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