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Consulting: The face you show the world directly shapes the world’s response. Invest in outreach that will point your firm toward its brightest future.


What can I do for you?

Services for companies in architecture, interiors, landscape, custom building, and other design-related trades


» Self-presentation strategy with an eye not just on where your company is, but where you want it to be.


» Advice on B2B and public-facing communications, to connect with the clients and partners you need in order to thrive.


» Photographic planning, plus production of photo shoots. Zero in on the images that will work hardest for you, and make sure you’re using them in the most targeted way.

» Liaison with the publishing world. From my own experience as a media professional, I’m intimately familiar with what editors and reporters are looking for, and what material they need to do their jobs. I can assist in deciding where and how to pitch your projects for the coverage that will do you the most good.

» Liaison with literary agents. Are you hoping to come out with a book? I'll help you marshal your resources and put together a more compelling proposal. I can also write (or collaborate with you to write) engaging and thoughtful text, as well as provide the design services some publishers will require.

» Creation or refinement of websites and social media programs. I'll handle planning, design, and execution. to ensure that your online efforts are yielding peak returns.

» Speechwriting and preparation of conference presentations.


Services for publishers and literary agents


» Vibrant writing for magazine and web articles and books, particularly on topics in architecture, design, the arts, and culture.

» Management of special editorial projects. 

» Photo shoot production for architecture and interior design projects.


» Copyediting, proofreading, and book design.


Services for PR and marketing firms

» Draw on my skills to broaden your offerings to clients. Whether it’s a matter of writing, providing photo strategy and shoot production, design for an advertising or marketing campaign, or a more substantial undertaking—my offerings can all be tailored to your specifications.

» I am also a highly experienced interviewer, speaker, and panel moderator available for virtual or live events.


Why should you work with me?

As a veteran journalist, I have a solid track record championing the beauty and importance of design work. A gifted storyteller with keen instincts for mixing word and image to beguile viewers both general and expert, I can partner with you to leverage every available platform—print, online, and social channels alike—to best advantage.

In addition, my diverse background means I’ve gathered an extensive trove of connections in publishing and the media—photographers, other writers and editors, influencers, podcasters, videographers, and more—to be called on as desired.

You’ll find me to be a cost-effective solution, freeing you and your staff to concentrate on your core business and allowing you to spend only on the deliverables that are most essential for your company’s success. I promise prompt, thoughtful service and an unswerving dedication to excellence.

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